Individual assignment

Individual Assignment


This Assignment has opened me up into viewing my life.  You never really have that time to sit down and think about what has made you who you are today and why.  It was nice to have the challenge of thinking about this and putting it together.  I loved the time I put in to it as well as the thoughts in it as well.  Its amazing to think that just the little things in my life has made such an impact on me and where I will be going in life.   You always think you know what you want to do when you grow up but you never thought about what influenced you to want to do that and what/who made you who you are today!  Its definately a great reminder of who you are.

I think I would encourage anybody to sit down and do this assignment.  Its really helped me to see who I am, who I’ve become and hopefully where I will be someday.  I look forward to my future but I’m fully enjoying whats going on now because time goes by way to fast!  I really wish we could slow down time because sometimes if just feels like you’ve missed so much but have a accomplished a lot.