Reflective Essay


Reflective Essay

Jessica Stewart

When I signed up for English I knew papers would be a priority in the class.  I was hoping they wouldn’t be to difficult considering I hate writing papers anyway.  Of course the first day we are in class I find that we are already starting to write a paper.  You should have felt the joy I was feeling about that.

When I started the paper I felt like I was getting no where.  I couldn’t decided on a topic at all.  After deciding to move on and do the assignments for English I realized that I could make this easier by taking some of the tips from the book.  I then begin to just write in a word document and see where it took me.  I had remember that I watched my cousins son and hated the way she fed him.  Taking just that little bit of information I started writing.  After writing for a few minutes, I read through what I had and realized I had started forming some what of a good paper.  The books idea on freewriting helped me out the most.  It also said to just continue writing and not read through what you have written a million times, then that way your not constantly worried about perfection and just getting a rough draft out there for now.

The peer editing in class was a sense of relief.  I soon realized that everyone was exactly at the same stage I was and our papers were all still a work in progress.  It definitely helps to read your paper to other people because not only did I find a lot of mistakes but they found mistakes that I didn’t see either.   It also gave those in my group a chance to tell me what they thought about my paper and give me ideas of what I could put in the paper to make it better.

My hope in my next paper is that I don’t spend so much time deciding what my topic is going to be.  I need to stop over thinking and spend more time writing the paper.  After doing this first paper I realize now between the consultations and the peer edits I have the time to make the paper better.


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