Strong Response Essay

Jessica Stewart

Strong response essay

The grocery store has a big variety of food to choose from.  There are different brands and prices, as well as different ingredients in all things they carry.  One of the biggest talked about subjects today is nutrition.  All over the U.S., citizens have the right to choose what to eat, when to eat, where to eat, whether it is good or bad.  There is enough information out there that the Americans should know what good nutrition is and what bad nutrition is, but why are parents allowing their kids to eat the way they do then.  Parents have a responsibility to teach their kids proper nutrition, but instead choose the unhealthy route and put their kids in danger with bad nutrition.

Buying pre-processed food is easy for families to choose to buy that lead stressful lives.  In today’s society, more than likely both parents are working full time jobs.  They come home after a long day of work and the last thing parents want to do is prepare dinners and face cleaning it up.  To be able to pull something out of the freezer to pop into the microwave or oven, is fast, easy and convenient.  Cleaning up is also easy because chances are no pots and pans were used, just silverware and plates.  Families also run into the problem of time.  It takes a lot of time to plan, prepare and go to the grocery store, which some days it may not be feasible.

It is disgusting to see what some parents feed their children now a days.  There is no nutritional value in their lifestyles at all.  What seems to be easy and convenient can be destroying any kind of nutrition that the kids may have had.  What parents are not understanding is that the processed foods are full of preservatives that no one really knows what they are.  When buying something at the store, take a minute to look at the ingredients.  If the words on the label are not understandable than what are the kids really eating, probably nothing nutritional.  The constant junk kids are putting in their body (pop, fast food, microwavable foods etc.) are damaging our kids bodies and creating health issues that are not reversible.

The first thing that needs to change is what kids are seeing on television.  What children are seeing on television is fast food commercials, candy commercials and all the other junk food that can be acquired at the grocery store.  They see constant commercials about smoking and why it is bad for you but where are the commercials that show obesity and what health issues it is causing.  The obesity rate is over the top in this generation and a lot of it is not just adults, its kids.  The U.S. is going to find themselves with shorter lifespans, and much more cases of diabetes especially in children.  Its time the U.S. take a stand and show this generation of kids what is happening to their bodies when they eat crap food.  Commercials are a great way to do that since this generation lives near a television 24/7.

The second thing that needs to change is making it more available for the parents to be involved in learning about nutrition with their kids.  Schools should offer after school classes for kids and parents about nutrition.  They should challenge the kids just like they do with spelling bee’s and summer reading awards to whoever reads the most.  The challenge should be nutrition.  Eating healthy everyday and watching what is in the foods so they know what to avoid.  The parents shouldn’t just be involved with helping their kids become healthy but they should join a long too.  There was a time when eating anything seemed okay but with all the man made sugars, preservatives, and growth hormones in the foods being eaten now health issues seem to be rising everyday.  The reason why all this crap is being put in the food is to save money on the producers end and give everyone else, like children, future problems.

The third thing that needs to change is the amount of time kids spend on electronics.  There is no such thing as good nutrition if it isn’t paired with exercise.  There used to be a time when the only thing to do was to walk outside and play with friends.  The newer communities are given kids access to playgrounds everywhere.  Everywhere you look there is a play ground on every corner.  Today, kids are rarely out playing at all.  The lack of motivation in children is not helping their nutrition.  Sitting in front of the television, computer screen or even cell phones is unhealthy.  Adding a balanced “playing time”, with something other than electronics, with good nutrition, will keep the kids happy and healthy.  The U.S. will see less and less obesity, heart attacks, and other health issues, as well as lifespan being increased.

It is no wonder why kids don’t want to go out and play and just sit around.  Living a life with no nutrition and just junk food is draining on anybodies body.  The kids that are being raised today will not have a lifespan, as long as others, because of future health issues they will receive because of inadequate nutrition.  Parents need to get up and motivate their children to be healthier.  What may seem convenient is really what is hurting the kids the most.  It is time to take the kids out and play and buy healthy groceries, while limiting the amount of time kids spend in front of electronics.


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