Final Relfective Essay

Jessica Stewart

Final Reflective Essay

At the beginning of this course I was worried at how well I would do. I knew I would pass the class because I have taken English before so how hard could it be? What I didn’t know is if I would barely be passing or pass with a good grade. Turns out I believe by the looks of it I will pass with a good grade.

I can’t say that this class was too difficult. Yes it had three papers that you had to write but really that was it and they weren’t as hard as I thought they would be. In any normal English class I do believe the essays would have been harder to do. A lot of English teachers give you the basics of the paper and that’s it. With this English class I found that the teacher made writing a paper look like a breeze and he explained every aspect of the paper very well. There really was no way it could go wrong. It was really nice to be able to have the peer consults and the consultations with the teacher. It made the paper perfect rather than a rough draft as the final because you didn’t see what others could see wrong with your paper.

This class has helped me feel more confident about writing papers and I think it also has made it to where even if the teacher doesn’t explain the paper well to me that I could still figure out what they want by just knowing what I’ve learned in this class. My hope is, is that I just won’t have to write anymore papers! But if I do then I’m prepared.


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