Math 1010 Group Project

Optimizing an Advertising Campaign

Math 1010 Intermediate Algebra Group Project

Background Information:


Linear Programming is a technique used for optimization of a real-world situation.  Examples of optimization include maximizing the number of items that can be manufactured or minimizing the cost of production.  The equation that represents the quantity to be optimized is called the objective function, since the objective of the process is to optimize the value.  In this project the objective is to maximize the number of people who will be reached by an advertising campaign.

The objective is subject to limitations or constraints that are represented by inequalities.  Limitations on the number of items that can be produced, the number of hours that workers are available, and the amount of land a farmer has for crops are examples of constraints that can be represented using inequalities.  Broadcasting an infinite number of advertisements is not a realistic goal.  In this project one of the constraints will be based on an advertising budget.

Graphing the system of inequalities based on the constraints provides a visual representation of the possible solutions to the problem.  If the graph is a closed region, it can be shown that the values that optimize the objective function will occur at one of the “corners” of the region.

The Problem:

In this project your group will solve the following situation:

A local business plans on advertising their new product by purchasing advertisements on the radio and on TV.  The business plans to purchase at least 60 total ads and they want to have at least twice as many TV ads as radio ads.  Radio ads cost $20 each and TV ads cost $80 each.  The advertising budget is $4320.  It is estimated that each radio ad will be heard by 2000 listeners and each TV ad will be seen by 1500 people.  How many of each type of ad should be purchased to maximize the number of people who will be reached by the advertisements?


Modeling the Problem:

Let X be the number of radio ads that are purchased and Y be the number of TV ads.

  1. Write down a linear inequality for the total number of desired ads.


  1. Write down a linear inequality for the cost of the ads.

20X + 80Y≤ 4320

  1. Recall that the business wants at least twice as many TV ads as radio ads. Write down a linear inequality that expresses this fact.


  1. There are two more constraints that must be met. These relate to the fact that there cannot be s negative numbers of advertisements.  Write the two inequalities that model these constraints:



  1. Next, write down the function for the number of people that will be exposed to the advertisements. This is the Objective Function for the problem.


You now have five linear inequalities and an objective function.  These together describe the situation.  This combined set of inequalities and objective function  make up what is known mathematically as a linear programming problem.  Write all of the inequalities and the objective function together below.  This is typically written as a list of constraints, with the objective function last.

  1. X+Y≥60
  2. X+80X≤4320
  3. Y≥2X
  4. Y≥x, X≥0
  5. P=2000X+1500Y
  1. To solve this problem, you will need to graph the intersection of all five inequalities on one common XY plane. Do this on the grid below.  Have the bottom left be the origin, with the horizontal axis representing X and the vertical axis representing Y. Label the axes with what they represent and label your lines as you graph them.
  1. The shaded region in the above graph is called the feasible region. Any (x, y) point in the region corresponds to a possible number of radio and TV ads that will meet all the requirements of the problem.  However, the values that will maximize the number of people exposed to the ads will occur at one of the vertices or corners of the region.  Your region should have three corners.  Find the coordinates of these corners by solving the appropriate system of linear equations.  Be sure to show your work and label the (x, y) coordinates of the corners in your graph.


  1. (8,52)
  2. (208,2)
  3. (58,2)
  1. To find which number of radio and TV ads will maximize the number of people who are exposed to the business advertisements, evaluate the objective function P for each of the vertices you found. Show your work.

1 R=16000 P, TV=78,000 P

2 R=416000 P, TV=3000 P

3 R=116000 P, TV= 3000 P

  1. Write a sentence describing how many of each type of advertisement should be purchased and what is the maximum number of people who will be exposed to the ad.

When purchasing the ADS they should purchase 208 Radio Ads that would reach a total of 416000 People, and 2 TV Advertisement Recording total of 3000 People. When purchasing this amount we say with our budget while reaching a total amount of people of 419000 People.

  1. Reflective Writing.

It is very clear that in today’s world math can be applied in all situations.  Most of the time math isn’t applied by all people besides one because usually there is only so many people that understand how to apply it.  If it wasn’t for math there are a lot of things that we, as a society, wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t have the technology that we do today.


Final Relfective Essay

Jessica Stewart

Final Reflective Essay

At the beginning of this course I was worried at how well I would do. I knew I would pass the class because I have taken English before so how hard could it be? What I didn’t know is if I would barely be passing or pass with a good grade. Turns out I believe by the looks of it I will pass with a good grade.

I can’t say that this class was too difficult. Yes it had three papers that you had to write but really that was it and they weren’t as hard as I thought they would be. In any normal English class I do believe the essays would have been harder to do. A lot of English teachers give you the basics of the paper and that’s it. With this English class I found that the teacher made writing a paper look like a breeze and he explained every aspect of the paper very well. There really was no way it could go wrong. It was really nice to be able to have the peer consults and the consultations with the teacher. It made the paper perfect rather than a rough draft as the final because you didn’t see what others could see wrong with your paper.

This class has helped me feel more confident about writing papers and I think it also has made it to where even if the teacher doesn’t explain the paper well to me that I could still figure out what they want by just knowing what I’ve learned in this class. My hope is, is that I just won’t have to write anymore papers! But if I do then I’m prepared.

Research Paper

The Benefits of Video Games for Kids

Jessica Stewart

English 1010

April 13, 2015

Video Games for Kids

Video games go as far back as the 1950s. Educators created video games as a part of a computer science research program. It wasn’t until the 1970s to 80s when video games became introduced into the general public. Since their introduction into the general public, there have been eight generations of video game consoles up to 2015 and it seems that the creators coming up with different upgrades of consoles faster every day (History of Video Games, 2013). The video game business has definitely continued to be popular since they were first created.

The issue that the world is running into today is violence that is reenacted in the video games. There are so many video games that are created every year that are recreating war scenes and violent crimes. These video games are rated for 17+ and over and yet a lot of kids younger than seventeen are playing these games all the time. At this point most people are wondering if it is the video games that are causing this generation to murder, steal, and find themselves in jail or worse prison. A 2009 study found that it takes up to four minutes for the level of aggressive thoughts and feelings in children to return to normal after playing violent video games (Violent Video Games, 2014), is this the root cause of crime rate in young adults or is this what people are assuming it is because they need something to blame.

There is never a time that when there is a new technology, or a technology that seems to be booming at the present time, that everyone must question whether it is good or bad.

There’s been much debate about whether violence and sexual images in games are harmful to children, and many parents are concerned about the impact regular gaming has on their children. While the content of video games matters and parents are wise to supervise their children’s gaming habits, an increasingly voluminous body of research is revealing some educational and developmental benefits of gaming (Vilines, 2013).

Wow, who knew that there could possibly be benefits to gaming. Benefits are something people won’t hear about because this society is only concerned with the negative in the world. Looking past what negative is in the world people may see how video games help kids in education, increase confidence, and help them in their future careers.

Video game usage continues to grow, with 40 percent more users since the year 2006 (Gillette, 2013). It has been apparent that since shootings, bombings, and weapons being brought to school has been blamed on the growing rate of video games. Playing violent video games increases aggressive behavior and arousal.

A 2009 study showed that video games that show the most blood generate more aggressive thoughts. When blood is present in video games, there is a measurable increase in arousal and hostility (Violent Video Games, 2014).

What seems to be fun to kids of all ages seems to be the big problem for society today. Society continues to blame the violence on something that the kids are doing.

A study that was conducted by Irwin and Gross sought to identify effects of playing an “aggressive” versus “nonaggressive” video game on elementary school kids. Their results were that boys who played the aggressive game, compared to those who had played the nonaggressive game, displayed ore verbal and physical aggression to inanimate objects and playmates during free play sessions (Shin, 2008). It is curious to wonder why video games cause such an emotional impact and little kids that are supposed to be innocent and happy. It is apparent why a video game would make kids feel more aggressive towards others, especially since some games can make kids mad and irritated.

Another study by Karen E. Dill, ph.D. and Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., stated that violent video games were considered to be more harmful in increasing aggression than violent movies or television shows due to their interactive and engrossing nature (Shin, 2008). The television plays a big role in kid’s lives now days. It is crazy to think that video games are the worst for them then the television. As children are coming into their teenage years a lot of things change for them. It makes sense that video games impact a lot of their decisions and how they act in society. If the parental guidance is not up to par then they leave it to video games and television to teach them how to grow up in this world.

Video games today are definitely more violent then they every have been. With the way technology is going you can see the graphics are getting increasingly better, so the sight of blood and killing on the video games is more realistic. It is obvious to see why most parents don’t like their kids playing them. Scott Steinberg quotes: “Most video games do have quite a few redeeming qualities-even those with violent content. All games can and do have benefits for players, and in a number of different and sometimes surprising ways.” (News, 2011) Many people believe that video games don’t have benefits and are rated for adults only. There are quite a few games out there that are rated for adults only but 60 percent of video games are actually E for Everyone (News, 2011)

Video games are a normal part of children’s days. Most all families around the world have video game consoles with of course video games. What parents are not seeing is the educational factor of what these video games are giving their children. It has been scientifically proven that video games can help children’s brain development (Olsen, 2011) It helps their problem-solving skills, creativity, motor skills and multitasking (Gray, 2012). Just these few benefits from video games can help children to better with their education. It opens their minds to more things at once and gives them more brainpower to learn. A lot of schools today are fast paced, to be able to handle school mentally you must be a fast learner and video games are challenging kid’s minds to do that. A 2013 meta-analysis found that playing shooter video games improved a player’s capacity to think about objects in three dimensions just as well as academic courses to enhance these same skills, according to the study (University, 2013) If video games are helping kids to be better in school and challenge them more then why not let them play video games.

It is said that many children are anti-social in this generation, many scientists blame this on increasing amount of television, cell phones, and video games but did you know that more than 70 percent of gamers play with a friend. People who play video games, even if they are violent, that encourage cooperation are more likely to be helpful to others while gaming than those who play the same games competitively, a 2011 study found (Granic, 2013). So what has really changed is how these kids are playing with friends. They may not go to their house anymore but they are playing with them through the video games.

Video games are not just helping children now, video games are going to help children with their future careers.

Future career choices for today’s tots will no doubt be influenced by technology in a ways that is difficult for many parents to imagine. Skills learned and honed playing home console and video games, as well as mobile gaming apps, will undoubtedly be very valuable to students in the workforce of 2025 (News, 2011)

Technology is the main thing that drives the world today, so it would make sense that video games would help this future generation to do better at the careers they choose. Most all jobs now have some kind of technology crutch. They all use technology to make them better at what they do. Video games are going to be that educational factor these children will need to succeed. The federation of American Scientists (FAS) has proclaimed that:

Kids need more, not less, video game play. They argue that video games hold the potential to help address one of America’s most pressing problems-preparing students for an increasingly competitive global market (News, 2011).

The scientist even agree that the world runs on technology and that is how we will advance, so we need kids to play video games to acquire the skill needed to be successful.

The longer parents fight the fact that video games to them are aggressive and cause violence the longer the world will fall in despair because the next generation cannot keep up with the technology already created. They won’t be able to understand it. Kids do need limits to how much they are playing video games and for their age group limit the amount of grown up games their getting. Hope Gillette quotes:

I recommend that you spend some time having your child show you the games he or she likes and what they like about them before you start making usage rules, without understanding what they are doing, the rules will be arbitrary and the child will likely feel that the rules are unfair and don’t take his or her point into account.

Parents should be talking to their children about video game concerns. Without the communication with between parents and their child, the child may decided to rebel and play the kind of games parents don’t want them playing behind their back.

Today’s world runs with technology. Children today are the future, without them there will be no future to see. There has been a lot of research done about the violence of video games and a lot of research about blaming video games for the continued violence in our world. This can’t be used as the excuse for violence in young teenagers and kids. If it is stated correctly in our history, violence between mankind has been around since the beginning. So what was the blame for violence back then? It comes in the nature of man to have an aggressive side that can turn even worse. This is nothing new to todays society. What needs to be remember is that the benefits of video games are going to help the children with their education now, their social skills and their future careers.

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English 1010 Reflective Essay 2

Reflective Essay

Jessica Stewart

After finishing the last paper, I was nervous to move on to the next one. I figured it was going to be harder to do and cause more stress in my already stressful life! Turns out that writing the paper was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. It makes it really nice when you have a rubric that tells you step by step what you should be doing and how you should do it. It is also very nice that I can get online and look at other students papers to get an idea of exactly what the paper should look like.

I took some ideas from the book from our 1st set of assignments and decided to do the free writing after I had found my topic. I found that using the free writing technique made my life more simple and was able to compile my ideas better.

The thing that I hated about this paper was trying to write the last few paragraphs. You would think that was probably the easiest part of the whole paper but for me it wasn’t. I felt like I was writing the same thing over and over again. I pretty much touched everything that I was talking about in the first four paragraphs so it made it difficult to expand the information more without taking the paper overboard. My problem also could have been me over thinking as usual. On the first paper I know I had said I would hopefully fix my over thinking problem but just when I thought I had, Bam I was over thinking and couldn’t right anything.

I’m looking forward to the next paper. I’m hoping that it will be just as easy as the last two papers that I have written. I’ve been more excited about this last paper because it is a research paper. Although I’m sure the formatting will be a little more on the difficult side of things, I’m excited to pick a topic and learn more about it.   This has been one of the better English classes that I have taken. It is straight to the point right down to every detail of the homework which has made it very nice.

Accounting 1110

Comprehensive Accounting Cycle Review Problem

On December 1st Curt Williamson began an auto repair shop, Williamsons Quality Automotive. The following information about December’s transactions, accounts, and adjustment data is available.


Dec.                       1    Williamsoncontributed$50,000cashtothebusinessinexchangeforcapital.

1     Purchased$10,800ofequipmentpayingcash.

1     Paid$4,500fora9-monthinsurancepolicystartingonDecember1.

9    Paid$18,000cashtopurchaselandtobeusedinoperations.

10    Purchasedofficesuppliesonaccount,$3,000.

19    Borrowed$28,000from thebankfor businessuse.Williamsonsignedanotepayabletothebank inthenameofthebusiness.

22    Paid$800foradvertisingexpenses.

26    Paid$1,000onaccount.

28    ThebusinessreceivedabillforutilitiestobepaidinJanuary,$280.

31    Revenuesearnedduringthemonthincluded$17,500cashand$2,700onaccount.

31    Paidemployees’salaries$3,600andbuildingrent$700.Recordasacompoundentry.

31    Thebusinessreceived$1,440forautoscreeningservicestobeperformednextmonth.

31    Williamsonwithdrewcashof$3,000.



Depreciation-Equipment;Land;AccountsPayable;UtilitiesPayable;InterestPayable;UnearnedRevenue; NotesPayable;Williamson,Capital;Williamson,Withdrawals;ServiceRevenue;SalariesExpense;Rent Expense;UtilitiesExpense;AdvertisingExpense;SuppliesExpense;InsuranceExpense;InterestExpense;and DepreciationExpense-Equipment.

Adjustment Data

  1. OfficeSuppliesusedduringthemonth,$600.
  2. Depreciationforthemonth,$180.


  1. AccruedInterestExpense,$75.


Complete the following on the attached work papers

  1. Preparethejournalentriesandpost totheT-accounts.
  2. Prepareanunadjustedtrialbalance.
  3. 3. PreparetheadjustingentriesandposttotheT-accounts.
  4. 4. Prepareanadjustedtrial
  5. Preparetheincomestatement,thestatementofowner’sequity,anda classified balance sheet.Use proper formatting techniques including headings, dollar signs, and underlining.


  1. Prepareapost-closingtrialbalance.



RecordTransactions,AdjustingEntries,ClosingEntriesin thisjournal
           Dec. 1 Cash 50,000
     Williamson, Capital 50,000
Owner Contribution
                       1 Equipment 10,800
     Cash 10,800
Bought equipment with cash
                       1 1 Prepaid Insurance 4,500
     Cash 4,500
Paid for insurance policy
                       9 99 Land 18,000
     Cash 18,000
Purchased land with cash
                     10 1110 Office Supplies 3,000
     Account Payable 3,000
Purchased office supplies on Account
                     19 19 Cash 28,000
     Notes Payable-Williamson 28,000
Borrowed money from the bank
                     22 Advertising Expense 800
     Cash 800
Paid advertising expense
                     26 Account Payable 1,000
     Cash 1,000
Paid cash on account payable
                     28 Utilities Expense 280
     Utilities Payable 280
Accrued utility liability
           Dec. 31 Cash 17,500
Accounts Receivable 2,700
     Service Revenue 20,200
Revenue earned this month
                     31 Salaries Expense 3600
Rent Expense 700
     Cash 4,300
Paid Salaries and Rent expense with cash
                     31 Cash 1,440
     Unearned Revenue 1,440
Received cash for future services
                     31 Williamson, Withdrawal 3,000
     Cash 3,000
Owner withdrawal
                     31 Depreciation Expense-Equipment 180
     Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment 180
To record depreciation of equipment
                     31 Insurance Expense 500
     Prepaid Insurance 500
To record insurance expense
                     31 Supplies Expense 600
     Office supplies 600
To record office supplies expense
                     31 Interest Expense 75
     Interest Payable 75
To record interest expense
                     31 Service Revenue 20,200
     Income Summary 20,200
To close service revenue
           Dec. 31 Income Summary 6,735
Salaries expense 3600
Rent expense 700
Utilities Expense 280
Advertising Expense 800
Supplies Expense 600
Insurance Expense 500
Interest Expense 75
Depreciation Expense-Equipment 180
To close expenses
                     31 Income Summary 13,465
     Owners Capital 13,465
To close income summary
                     31 Owners Capital 3,000
     Owner Withdrawal 3,000
To close withdrawals

Cash                                       Accts.Rec                        Office Supplies                    PrepaidInsurance

Dec. 1 50,000   10,800 Dec. 1

Dec.19 28,000 4,500 Dec. 1                                               Dec. 31 2,700                                                                               Dec. 10 3,000               600 Dec 31                                           Dec. 1 4,500                        500 Dec. 31

Dec. 31 17,500 18,000 Dec. 9

Dec. 31 1,440    8,00 Dec. 22

1,000 Dec. 26

4,300 Dec. 31

3,000 Dec. 31

Bal. 54,540                                                                          Bal. 2,700                                                                                                   Bal. 2,400                                                           Bal. 4,000

Equipment                    Accum.Deprec. –Equip.                         Land                               AccountsPayable

Dec. 1 10,800                                                                                                     180 Dec. 31                                                 Dec. 9 18,000                                                                          Dec. 26 1,000  3,000 Dec. 10

Bal. 10,800                                                                                                         180 Bal                                                        Bal. 18,000                                                                                                         2,000 Bal.

UtilitiesPayable                      InterestPayable                     Unearned Revenue       NotesPayable-Williamson

280 Dec. 28                                                                             75 Dec. 31                                                                              1,440 Dec. 31                                                                      28,000 Dec. 19

280 Bal.                                                                                 75 Bal.                                                                                    1,440 Bal.                                                                            28,000 Bal.

Capital-Williamson                     Withdrawals                         Service Revenue                   Salaries Expense

Clos 4 3,000       50,000 Dec. 1                                               Dec. 31 3,000     3,000 Clos 4                                                                         Clos 1 20,200      20,200 Dec. 31                                            Dec. 31 3,600  3,600 Clos 2

13,465 Clos 3

60,465 Bal.                                                  Bal. 0                                                                                                                  0 Bal.                                                           Bal. 0

Rent Expense                        UtilitiesExpense                  AdvertisingExpense                   Supplies Expense

Dec. 31 700              700 Clos 2                                              Dec. 28 280                280 Clos 2                                             Dec. 22 800              800 Clos 2                                              Dec. 31 600              600 Clos 2

Bal. 0                                                                                       Bal. 0                                                                                       Bal. 0                                                                                       Bal. 0

Insurance Expense                      Interest Expense            Depreciation Exp. Equip.               Income Summary

Dec. 31 500                500 Clos 2                                             Dec 31 75                                                                                Dec 31 180                                                                              Clos 2 6,735              20,200 Clos 1

Clos 3 13,465            13,465 Bal.

Bal. 0                                                                                       Bal. 75                                                                                     Bal. 180                                                                                                                  0   Bal.

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Trial Balance Sheet

December 31, 2014

Debits Credits
Cash $54,540
Accounts Received 2,700
Office Supplies 3,000
Prepaid Insurance 4,500
Equipment 10,800
Land 18,000
Accounts Payable $2,000
Utilities Payable 280
Unearned Revenue 1,440
Notes Payable-Williamson 28,000
Capital-Williamson 50,000
Withdrawals-Williamson 3,000
Service Revenue 20,200
Salaries Expense 3,600
Rent Expense 700
Utilities Expense 280
Advertising Expense 800
Total $101,920 $101,920

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Adjusted Trial Balance Sheet

December 31, 2014

Debits Credits
Cash $54,540
Accounts Received 2,700
Office Supplies 2,400
Prepaid Insurance 4,000
Equipment 10,800
Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment $180
Land 18,000
Accounts Payable 2,000
Utilities Payable 280
Interest Payable 75
Unearned Revenue 1,440
Notes Payable-Williamson 28,000
Capital-Williamson 50,000
Withdrawals-Williamson 3,000
Service Revenue 20,200
Salaries Expense 3,600
Rent Expense 700
Utilities Expense 280
Advertising Expense 800
Supplies Expense 600
Insurance Expense 500
Interest Expense 75
Depreciation Expense-Equipment 180
Total: $102,175 $102,175

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Income Statement

Month ended December 31, 2014

         Service Revenue $20,200
         Salary Expense $3,600
         Rent Expense 700
         Utilities Expense 280
           Advertising Expense 800
         Supplies Expense 600
         Insurance Expense 500
         Interest Expense 75
           Depreciation Expense-Equipment 180
                     Total Expenses: 6,735
Net Income:   $13,465


Statement ofChanges in Owner’sEquity

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Statement of Changes in Owners Equity

Month ended December 31, 2014

Williamsons Capital, November 31, 2014                                          $0
Owner Contribution 50,000
Net Income for the month 13,465
Owner Withdrawal (3,000)
Williamsos Capital, December 31, 2014 $60,465

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Balance Sheet

December 31, 2014

Assets Liabilities
Cash                                                                                    $54,540 Accounts Payable                                                                 $2,000
Accounts Received                                                                 2,700 Utilities Payable                                                                        280
Office Supplies                                                                         2,400 Interest Payable                                                                           75
Prepaid Insurance                                                                   4,000 Unearned Revenue                                                                 1,440
Equipment                                                  10,800 Notes Payable-Williamson                                                   28,000
Less. Acc. Depr.-Equipment                         (180)      Total Liabilities                                                                   31,795
                                                                         10,620 Owners Equity
Land                                                                                       18,000 Williamson, Capital                                                               60,465
Total Assets                                                                           $92,260 Total Liabilities & Owners Equit                                       $92,260

Williamsons Quality Automotive

Post-Closing TrialBalance

December 31, 2014

Cash Debits Credits
Accounts Received $54,540
Office Supplies 2,400
Prepaid Insurance 4,000
Equipment 10,800
Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment $180
Land 18,000
Accounts Payable 2,000
Utilities Payable 280
Interest Payable 75
Unearned Revenue 1,440
Notes payable-Williamson 28,000
Capital-Williamson 60,465
Total $92,440 $92,440

Don’t Eat Out!!!!

Self-evaluation/reflective writing about my experience in Comm 1020

I really wasn’t excited to take a Comm 1020 aka Public Speaking.  I hate getting up in front of people but what can I say! this class was required 🙂  I have definitely come a long way in this class.  By the time we have gotten to the last speech I had more confidence and I wasn’t as nervous to speak as I was when I first started.  I don’t know if that is because I am getting comfortable speaking in front of others or if its because I begin to know my fellow classmates and didn’t feel uncomfortable in front of them.  This class will help me in my future career and I’m glad its over with 😉  Thanks, Mr. Fifield it was entertaining 🙂

Below is my Last speech in my Comm 1020 class.


Speaking/Key-Word Outline

Don’t Eat Out!

Introduction: There is never a day that one of us goes and eats out. It is convenient, faster and allows us to feel like we saved time. Unfortunately what we are not realizing that, although we may seem to think it is convenient, eating out is taking a toll on our bodies as well as our pocket book.

Hook: Heather Neal whom wrote “11 scary ingredient’s lurking in your fast food” opened her article with this statement. “Did you know eating fast food just twice a week can make you gain 10 pounds and double your risk for insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes, obesity, and a host of other health issues? (If that’s not enough to scare you, maybe knowing that a 1999 McDonald’s burger is still looking fresh or that Burger King burgers were contaminated with horsemeat in 2012 will. Ew.)” I don’t know about you but as I first read that opening sentence she had me hooked to read the rest of the article!

Thesis: Eating out can almost be an addiction for people, so why do we crave it like that? What are the health risks included in eating out and how much is it really taking out of our pocket book.


  1. 1. Why do we crave eating out?
  2. 2. What are the health risks?
  3. 3. How much is it really costing us?

 Transition: Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, McDonalnds, Burger King…. Which one are you craving today?


  1. A food scientist Steven Witherly has spent 20 years studying what makes certain foods more addictive than others. According to Witherly, there are two factors that make you crave more.1st main factor is the Sensation of eating food
  1. Taste, smell and how it feels in your mouth.
    Food companies will spend millions of dollars to discover the most satisfying level of crunch in a potato chip or the perfect amount of fizz in a soda.
  1. 2nd main factor is the macronutrient makeup of the food.
  2. blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

*combine these factors and what you get is your cravings of food. How they are making this processed fast food is making us salivate more which means its hitting all of our taste buds. They are also doing something that’s called vanishing caloric density which means its melting in our mouth making our brain feel like we are not full and for us to want to eat more of it. It has been known that if you exercise a lot of the time you find yourself losing those cravings and wanting to eat healthier.

Transition: Which ever fast food chain you were craving let me remind you of this. Sharon Theorin, writer of statistics health risks of eating fast food quotes:

        “In 1970, there were about 30,000 fast-food restaurants in the United States; that number increased to 222,000 by 2001.”

  1. What kind of health risks it’s the 222,000 fast food restaurants causing us to have because of the way they have made us crave their food?
  2. Heart disease

              1.Fast food has a alot of salt and fat which can cause obesity and high blood pressure which causes Heart disease.

  1. The American Heart Association tells us that: “In 2010, 36.9 percent of Americans had heart disease, a number the American Heart Association projects will climb to 40.5 percent by the year 2030.”
  1. Weight Gain
  2. January 2004 a study commissioned by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
  3. gain 10lbs a week by eating out twice
  4. Being overweight is a risk factor for heart disease and other health conditions. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes, which can also cause heart disease.
  1. DEATH
  2. The US Department of Health and Human Services discovered that the combination of a poor diet and a lack of physical activity causes 310,000 to 580,000 deaths every year. These numbers are significantly higher than deaths caused either by guns or drug use.

Transition: If the health risks and the possibility of death didn’t persuade you then maybe the amount of money you could save will.

  • How much money are you blowing on eating out instead of making your own lunch or dinner?
  1. Eat out and pay 20 dollars. Eat at home and pay 8 dollars you choose.
  1. Noelia whom wrote the article “Blowing your money on eating out” states “On average, buying l unch every day costs workers nearly $2,000 per year”
  1. Oreiccho who worked at modera wealth management states one of his clients realized how much he was spending a year on fast food and changed his lifestyle to packing his own lunch and saved $2500 a year.
  2. Why are we spending this much money on food.   I believe we don’t realized how much we are really spending every year on food because we just think oh 5 bucks here or 10 bucks there isn’t very much.
  3. personal story: Calculating how much my husband was spending a week in buy fast food.

Conclusion: Eating out isn’t always avoidable but more the half the time we could avoid it by not being lazy, making our own lunch and eating healthier.   The money alone that we could be saving to buy us something else is a good incentive but if you need a better incentive then think about how their making us crave that food and what the health risks will be if we continue.

Individual assignment

Individual Assignment


This Assignment has opened me up into viewing my life.  You never really have that time to sit down and think about what has made you who you are today and why.  It was nice to have the challenge of thinking about this and putting it together.  I loved the time I put in to it as well as the thoughts in it as well.  Its amazing to think that just the little things in my life has made such an impact on me and where I will be going in life.   You always think you know what you want to do when you grow up but you never thought about what influenced you to want to do that and what/who made you who you are today!  Its definately a great reminder of who you are.

I think I would encourage anybody to sit down and do this assignment.  Its really helped me to see who I am, who I’ve become and hopefully where I will be someday.  I look forward to my future but I’m fully enjoying whats going on now because time goes by way to fast!  I really wish we could slow down time because sometimes if just feels like you’ve missed so much but have a accomplished a lot.