English 1010

Jessica Stewart

Synthesis Essay

Technology is the basis of our world today. Everybody has phones, computers, ipads ect. that are constantly being used and one of the main things all these electronics must have is internet access or else people don’t want them. Social networking sites consume the world today. Most of the new generation growing up can’t function without some sort of electronic that gives them access to these social networking sites.

The writer of the pros and cons of social networking article begins his article with one really good question “Are social networking sites good for our society?” He then begins telling us that social networking sites spread information faster than any other media, also that it helps students do better in school. It improves relationships and helps you make new friends and it can increase a persons quality of life and reduce the risk of health problems. A lot of people thrive for social networking and work their lives around it. It is an increasing demand to everybody even younger kids.

The complete opposite view that social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information. It also makes people lazy and entice’s them to waste time. Criminals use social media to commit and promote crimes and a scientist also correlated social networking with personality and brain disorders. Social networking is causing lack of face to face communication. It is no wonder that our society is lacking socially.

Everybody acknowledges that our society relies on social networking. The question to ask is, is it a good thing or a bad thing. The world could not function without all the advances in technology that we have now. There should be a time and a place where people can get on the internet for a limited amount of time because social networking is causing everybody to be antisocial, lazy and waste time.

Back in the day people used to go outside to communicate with neighbors and friends, or pick up the phone and talk to people. Now a days people just hurry and send a text. It is unfortunate that families are spending less time with each other because they would rather be on facebook or their phone. It is nice that people have 500 friends on facebook but do they really know who they are? Unfortunately now a days you may know them better then you know your own family. Social networking is causing people to stay inside and sit on the couch all the time to just stare at a screen.

The United States obesity rate is very high. There are so many commercials about exercise and eating right or taking diet pills to make you skinny. What people should really be hearing is get off your phone and get up off the couch and do something. Whether it be cleaning your house or washing your car, all the Americans need today to help the obesity rate is to stop spending all day on social networking sites. These sites should be something to look at before you go to bed, not all day. Its making the world lazy which is causing health issues that are life threatening.

Most students and working people can’t make it through there day without getting on their phone to look at twitter or facebook. Teachers are now having to tell their students to get off their phone in class because it’s doubtful that their looking up something to do with the class there in. Chances are their playing a game or having a conversation on facebook while their supposed to be learning. Students grades are not where they should be because they’re not paying attention. People that are supposed to be working are on their phone. It is to bad that bosses now a days have to tell their employees to get off their phone because they are suppose to be working. It can be really hard to purchase something and ask questions when the employee helping is not paying attention because they are on their phone.

Where is the world going to be if technology ever crashes? The amount of time spent on social networking sites is killing our society. It’s making people antisocial, causing health issues and creating problems in school and at work for people. It is nice to be able to socialize with people that you haven’t heard from since high school and it’s nice to be able to see pictures of their families and see how great their life turned out but this is causing so many more problems for our society then making it better. One day or maybe even now our society will grow to be dependent on social networking sites and they won’t be able to function without it.


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